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Visiting with other coaches’ wives, sharing my experiences and listening to their stories has been one of my favorite parts of my Life With Coach.  I have come to believe there is strength, support and encouragement in our stories when we express them to one another.

This website has one goal in mind, creating a place for people with a coach in their life to share experiences that have impacted or encouraged them along their journey. 
I believe that by sharing our personal stories with each other that we can be a tremendous support system for one another.  Whether it’s a good laugh, a word of encouragement or just knowing that someone else has walked where you are now and can commiserate with you, it’s always nice to remember that you are not alone.

With this website I plan to put all the experiences submitted together into written form for everyone to read, so all submissions received will only show the information that is provided by the author.

While many similar blogs or Facebook pages exist, the unique ability of this website is that personal stories that may truly help someone with a coach in their life that is in desperate need of encouragement (but that may be too raw to post on a platform that identifies the author) can be shared anonymously.   I personally have encountered a few situations throughout my journey in which I wish I could have received encouragement or support from others, but I feared opening up about my experience.

Click the Questions button to look at the various questions and hopefully share one of your own experiences.  The more advice and support, the better!

I look forward to reading your submission.  Thank You in advance for sharing.

Heather Sharr
High School Football Wife - Jacksonville, TX

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My experiences started 22 years ago with my husband, Paul.  We have 2 kids; Heath, 19 and Lily, 16.  Our coaching story has taken us to 7 school districts and 11 houses.

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